Urban Greenery Research and Desert Development at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Salmiya, Kuwait

The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) promotes scientific and applied research, particularly in matters related to industry, natural and food resources and other primary constituents of the national economy. The project is located in the dense urban coastal neighbourhood area of Salmiya facing the Gulf Road.

As well as its use for research and development of plants and sustainable technologies, the project aims to demonstrate the best practice in the field of research and development for the management of green space by current and future generations of Kuwait.

The site is divided into two plots, the eastern and the western plot. These two plots combined are equivalent to approximately 54,000 m2 making it one of Pace’s largest intensive landscaping projects.

In addition to landscaping the site, Pace has designed nine buildings within the project, including an educational and research facility, observation pavilions, a demonstration greenhouse, and research offices.

The environmental credentials of the project will be reinforced through sustainable (and wherever possible) local sourcing of materials, buildings detailed with high insulation values and low air-permeability, and innovative technologies such as rainwater harvesting alongside solar energy production and passive shading of buildings to reduce energy demand. The project will be accredited under LEED certification in recognition of its environmental credentials.

Client: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

Area: Site A: 34,750 m² and  Site B: 19,395 m²

Completion: N/A

Cost: Confidential

Components: Landscaping, Research Facilities

Associates: PU+H Landscaping