Kuwait Business Town Towers

Sharq, Kuwait

To mark the growing strength of Kuwait City’s financial sector, the Kuwait Business Town Towers were designed with the highest quality Class A office facilities in mind, catering for the new prestige in modern business.

The Towers’ dynamic feel comes from the interplay between the unique, angled tops and the V profiled, glass canopy that knits the four structures together at base.

Silver reflective vision glass, white aluminium clad horizontal fins and stainless steel panels adorn the exterior in a design inspired by traditional Arabic rugs & Islamic patterns. This dichotomy between past and present has allowed the twisting facades of the mixed-use corporate buildings to become a nod to how lessons of tradition have inspired today’s economic growth.

Clients: Al Mazaya Real Estate, National International Holding Co. and Global Investment House

Area:  54,037 m² on 4,100 m² site

Completion: 2011

Cost: US $83 million

Components: 4 office towers

Associates: Fentress Architects

Contractor: First United