Arraya Centre

Sharq, Kuwait

This bold architectural statement, situated next to the financial district offers business, retail and luxury hotel services in one state of the art complex.

The Arraya Centre is an elegant modern stone and glass building that enables natural daylight to play a key role in shaping its spaces and volumes.  Both the hotel and the retail complex are flooded with light thanks to a design that plays with the visual senses by distorting the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.  This is further underlined by the creation of a large shaded courtyard, landscaped and softened with greenery that acts as a connection between the building and the car park, as well as a popular place to sit during the cooler months.

The complex offers opportunities to the local business community to shop, lunch or visit the health club in the hotel, which also manages the extremely fashionable multipurpose banquet hall that hosts conferences and evening social events.

Client: Salhiya Real Estate Co. (Kuwait)

Area: 47,000 m² on 7,209 m² site

Completion: 2003

Cost: US$ 108 million

Components: Retail Complex, Hotel, Offices, Health Club, Banquet Hall & Car Park

Associates: HBA Interiors