Bawabat Mecca Master Plan

Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The proposed Housing development is located 15 kilometers west from the main built-up area of Makkah City, KSA.

It is surrounded by main Makkah-Jeddah highway from North and extension of Ibrahim Al-Khalil Road and road to Laith, South of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast to the South.

The project site is comprises of two areas “A” & ”B”, with total area of 131 hectares as follows:

The Northern Area (Area A) consisting of 68 hectares is planned for Lower Income Housing in the form of high density apartment buildings.

The design, at this area, incorporated four different residential types and ended in reaching about 2550 different dwellings allocated on 220 Plots.

The Southern Area (Area B) consisting of 63 hectares is planned for a low density, secured residential compound of single family housing.

The design, at this area, incorporated similar plan of duplex villa with four different alternatives for the elevations, and ended in reaching about 750 Villa within the compound.

The two housing areas (Area A&B) are separated by an east-west linear parkway, as indicated in the overall Master Plan.

North and South of the Bawabat site, further urban growth is possible. This has the potential to establish the area as Makkah’s major location for future urban expansion.

The large subdivision immediately to the South of the Bawabat site is already under development.

Client: Al Balad Al Ameen for Urban Development-KSA

Area: 1,314,000 m²

Completion: not announced

Components: Master Planning, Roads, Landscape, Residential Villas, Residential Buildings & Apartments, Schools, Social Services Buildings.

Associates: Al Nassar Group, Kuwait