Dilmunia Mosque

Combining wellbeing with worship

Dimulnia Island is located on the North-Eastern coast of the archipelago of Bahrain. The development has been coined Bahrain’s ‘wellbeing island’, providing its inhabitants lifestyles that promote wellbeing.

Pace took part in an international design competition to design the centerpiece mosque for the new island development.  The proposed design embodies local culture, the region’s architectural vernacular, the Muslim faith and the aspirations of the client.

Positioned at the island’s gateway, the mosque has a strong presence on the island’s seafront. The plot’s topography provides multiple points for descent. This fosters a connection between the elevated streetscape, harmonious quiet of the mosque’s submerged main functions and seafront promenade overlooking the entrance to the island.

The architectural design encourages worshippers to immerse themselves in a journey guided by light, magnitude and reflection. Worshippers are compensated for every physical step taken on their descent towards prayer by a circulation that is designed to enhance ones physical and spiritual journey from beginning to end.

The design for the mosque was featured at Downtown Dubai’s ‘Shape of Things to Come Exhibition’ in late 2020 and subsequently featured on CNN and CNN Arabia.

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