Avenues Phase IV

The largest shopping mall in Kuwait enrichens the shopping experience in its latest phase

The Avenues Phase IV takes its design inspiration from world architecture, taking notes from famous shopping hubs from across the planet to blend a mixture of old-world, traditional, and contemporary designs in a kaleidoscope of complementary styles. The underlying objective of this approach was to give the real sense of an indoor town. The whole project is roofed in a combination of glass, ETFE, and flat membranes. The roofing required a specialised design to deliver the feeling of outdoor indoor via environmentally controlled surroundings that are suitable for year-round occupation within the harsh climate as well as providing appropriate natural lighting.

A multitude of industry-leading technologies are being employed across the project, including LED screens, Building Management Systems, Vehicle Guidance Systems, Hydroponic Planting and Living Green Walls. Also, intricate CNC cut patterns on titanium-coated surfaces and supersized composite panels with metallic coatings that incorporate feature lighting.

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