Basic Education College

Al-Ardiya, Kuwait

The Basic Education College is a segregated campus with a shared administrative facility. The design required to keep the women and men’s campus separated so that there was no interaction between the two. Several green barriers such as water features, mounds and plants were implemented to accomplish this task. The result is two campuses separated by an administrative complex that sits on a lagoon. Each building is unique and reflects the different functions within, which gives the student a sense of place and direction. It also gives the different disciplines a sense of identity. Staff and instructors have access to the basement parking which is used to get from one campus to the other. The basement parking can also be converted into 10 C4 shelters to be used in times of crisis.

Client: Public Authority for Applied Education & Training

Area: 380,000 m² on a 504,000 m² site

Completion: 2011

Cost: US$ 262.7 million

Components: Educational Buildings, Learning Resources, Administration Building, Recreational Facilities and Car Parks.

Associates: Mansour Al-Rashdan & Education Consulting Services, Canada