New Maternity Hospital

Breathing new life in healthcare in Kuwait

The new maternity hospital will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of all obstetrics and gynaecology patients, along with a major new neonatal unit. The proposed hospital will accommodate 780 beds and provide a dedicated environment complete with its own support facilities.

Large towers for in-patient beds sit atop a dense clinical podium, adjacent to the out-patient clinical buildings, parking and a multi-level entry atrium. An Emergency Department, part of the critical care component of the facility, ties to the wider emergency response network of the region. Maternity hospitals which share this prototype are unique in their central focus-the celebration of new life and supporting the large family visitations that accompany births.

The spectacular site for this project, located on the coast of Kuwait Bay in the Sabah Medical Region, offers a particularly exciting location to develop an environment with strong connections to the sea. Indeed, a chief requirement of the client is for 70% of the in-patient rooms to have a view of the adjacent bay and coastline.

Ministry of Health


Architectural design
Construction supervision
Infrastructure design