Tashkent Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sewerage Network

Opening up access to water for the city of Tashkent

In 2012, Tashkent City Municipality Investment Department and The State Enterprise Trust “Suvsoz” of Uzbekistan with the support of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) embarked on a project aimed to improve the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of wastewater management in Tashkent City through rehabilitating its wastewater infrastructure and expanding its sewerage network.

Pace was appointed to deliver the detailed engineering design and supervise the construction of three wastewater treatment plants at district locations around the city as well as providing services to support ongoing improvements in the general collection, quality monitoring of wastewater and infrastructure maintenance equipment. Our consultancy services addressed a range of challenges including ensuring the designs technically met local and national standards, managing best practices during the procurement process, and ensuring works were completed to international standards on time and budget.

Tashkent City Municipality Investment Department
The State Enterprise Trust “Suvsoz” of Uzbekistan

Funding Agency
Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

US$ 35.37 million

3 wastewater treatment plants:  3,545 km
Wastewater networks: 2,601 km

Utilities, infrastructure, water, sewerage



  • Engineering design
  • Construction supervision

PEF “Suvoqava-xizmat” (Uzbekistan)