Pace employs over 700 professionals, all of whom are united by a tangible sense of community and a shared approach to serving the needs of the project.


Pace is a family company that was established in 1968 by Mr Hamid Abdulsalam Shuaib and now run by his son, Mr Tarek Shuaib. This continuity of ethos contributes to Pace’s close-knit community atmosphere, which is identified by both employees and clients alike as a key factor behind the company’s sustained success.


Working across so many areas of expertise requires outstanding clarity of communication, both internally and externally, and this is an area that Pace particularly prides itself on. By communicating efficiently and effectively throughout the duration of a project, our departments dovetail to guarantee the successful delivery of every project.


Whilst encouraging independent thinking amongst all of our staff, we also recognise the importance of clear management. We have therefore instituted a specialised managerial network to oversee every stage of the design and build process and work continually to refine the efficiency of our practice.


Working for Pace is not just a job. We recognise that people perform at their best when they’re continually learning new skills and developing both personally and professionally. We  encourage a pro-active approach to learning and development amongst our employees at every level of the company.